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Making learning visible in the gym

26 januari 2018 - We make learning visible, through which children are experiencing their growth. This inspires fun in learning and develops ownership and empowerment in the learning process. Also during our lessons physical education (PE) this week. First we found out the success criteria for spreading over the bench. Then we practiced and improved our skills.


The youth sport pass

The youth sport pass

25 januari 2018 - The youth sport pass is an initiative by Team Sportservice, which supports schools and sport associations, and a lot of sport associations in the Municipality of Haarlemmermeer. The youth sport pass makes it possible for children to discover different types of sports. With this sports pass children are able to try all sorts of sports, in a sports hall, a swimming pool, out on the field, individually or as a part of a team. After a couple of introductory lessons (approx. 4) you can decide whether or not you want to become a member of a specific sport association. There are no obligations.


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