Swimming Success

Two weeks ago, we broke a new record for the number of OIS children passing a swim diploma in one week!  

 By Jules Joly, Administration and Swimming Coordinator

Swim teachers, parents, swim team staff, volunteers and of course our fabulous kids, some who have had to dig deep into their courage reserves to get here, were all jumping for joy!   A big congrats to: 

  • A diploma swimmers: Ali, Maia, Shamere, Yusuf, Nora, Varsha, Alisa, Alma, Sthaviir, Lynn, Mukunth, Anay, Anoush, Anaira, Henry and David
  • B diploma swimmers : Kanishka, Ege, Yousef
  • C diploma swimmers: Anabel & Emre, Adam

Swimming - a lifelong skill

At OIS, we are so glad we are able to offer our groups 4 and 5 the opportunity to do swimming lessons as part of their school day. To develop a lifelong skill such as swimming is incredibly important as it improves strength, increases stamina and grows confidence!

We would of course like to thank all the volunteering parents and OIS staff involved for their continued support and effort in making this happen.