Welcome to Optimist International School


Welcome to our school!


We are a public school situated in a beautiful open building in Hoofddorp, Floriande, metropolitan region Amsterdam, where we bring out the inner magic of our children. We house both a Dutch and international department.


At the moment we have (limited) availability in all groups. 


Are you curious about our school? We invite you to make an appointment for an acquaintance and to give you a tour of the school. We are happy to discuss possibilities of both our international and Dutch department with you (depending on your plans in the future).


To give you an impression of our school, Jenoah, Akshit, Anushka, Lara and Lorelei made a small movie together with Renencia, one of our trainees. 



“If you see something good, make a compliment. If you see something wrong, offer your assistance.” (Mandela)



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Split of group 1 and 2
12 mrt 2018 - From our start in January we have had a combination group 1/2. This week we split those groups, since the number of children is increasing. 


Group 1 started with their first unit of the early Years Curriculum (IEYC): The World Around Us through which children will be exploring our envorment and develop knowledge and understanding behond that related to their own nationality and identity. In every unit of IEYC also personal goals and goals of international mindedness are included, for example adaptability, communication, 

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IPC unit: the Olympics
21 feb 2018 - The second unit of our international primary curriculum (IPC) is the Olympics. We visited the Olympic Stadium in Amsterdam and also played some games in the classroom. 


More photo's you can find here.


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Optimist is baking cake (lustrum activity)
09 feb 2018 - On February the 8th and 9th we celebrated our lustrum with cake! On thursday we baked cakes in the classrooms, with the help of some parents. On Friday the children decorated the cakes, after which parents joined us to socialize, celebrate and eat cake.
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