Our Team

We are proud of our team!  Our teachers, teaching assistants, support and management staff, who are from over 15 nationalities, bring a wealth of educational knowledge; drawing from each other’s great qualities and international experiences.

Since we opened our doors in January 2018 we have grown from strength to strength, with the Inspectorate of Education recently calling our school ‘a true pearl within international education’ – both quality assurance and quality culture were validated as ‘good’, the highest score possible.

Staff Overview 2020-2021

Milepost Group Teacher Teaching Assistant
Early Years 1A Andrea Hoffman Aoife Coughlan
Early Years 1B Shannon Prendergast Aoife Coughlan
MP1 2A Elisa de La Pena (Tu, We, Th, Fr) Jenny Welle (Mo) Jenny Welle , Vanessa Vega
2B Danielle Camp Jenny Welle , Vanessa Vega
3A Ingeborg Beunder (Mo, We, Th, Fr) Jenny Welle (Tu) Jenny Welle, Vanessa Vega
3B Katarzyna Zalewska Jenny Welle, Vanessa Vega
MP2 4A Inez Du Preez (We, Th, Fr) Claire Ric-Hansen (Mo, Tu) Margit Tera , Hans Kooijman
4/5 Do O’Dea Margit Tera , Hans Kooijman
5A Clare Beatson Margit Tera , Hans Kooijman
MP3 6A Valentina Spyropoulou (We, Th, Fr) Carrie van Amstel (Mo, Tu, Th) Roland Schmidt
6B Rolyn van Bergen (Mo, Tu, We) Amy Hubbard (Th, Fr) Roland Schmidt
7A Rosa Alonso (Mo, Tu) Angelique Podstavnychy (We, Th, Fr) Roland Schmidt
Specialist Teachers Role
Katarina Hrnjez (Mo & Tu) & Francien van Beusekom (Mo & Tu) Dutch as Additional Language
Valentina Spyropoulou (Mo, Tu) English as Additional Language
Sandra Koehler (Mo, Th, Fr) Physical Education
Elisa de la Pena (Mo) School Counsellor, supports or advises with specific (educational) needs and coordinates consults with external care
Ingeborg Beunder (Tu) Teacher coach
Katarzyna Zalewska Confidential person, to support parents and pupils with confidential issues
External Healthcare Team Role
Leonard van den Broek & Marrielle Schendstok School doctor and school nurse, do general health checks and can be consulted about health, physical, psychological, emotional, social and behaviour concerns and can do referrals
Glennis Windroll School coach, can support parents who have questions about raising children or might come across some challenges at home
Els Vervenne Consultant Bridgeteam Samenwerkingsverband ‘Passend onderwijs Haarlemmermeer’, can help us to put extra support or arrangements in place for children with specific needs
Andrea van Zyl Speech and language therapist
Mieke du Preez Speech and language therapist
Management Role
Anne-Marie van Holst (Mo, Tu, We, Th) Director
Cheryl Embleton (Mo, Tu, Th, Fr) HR & Business Manager (Asst. Director)
Colleen Cropp (Mo, Tu, Th) Learning leader
Office Support Role
Fouzia Begam Admissions & Office Manager
Manon Blaxland (Mo, Tues, Wed, Thur) PR & Communications
Jeanet Warmerdam (Mo, Tues, Thur, Fri) Caretaker
Vanessa Vega, Manon Blaxland Coordinator After school activities