Physical education

We encourage all aspects of leading a healthy lifestyle. We compliment our pupils’ social and academic growth with dynamic Physical Education (PE) lessons that go beyond running, catching and throwing.

All children attend PE lessons twice a week where they learn to challenge themselves, discover new and wider ranges of movement, and put their cooperation skills into practice through team games/sports.

PE schedule

Time PE Monday Gym
08.15-09.00 6a Boskern II
09.00-09.45 6b Boskern II
09.45-10.30 4 Boskern II
10.30-11.15 4/5 Boskern II
11.15-12.00 5 Boskern II
12.10-12.55 3a Boskern II
12.55-13.40 3b Boskern II
Time PE Thursday Gym
08.15-9.00 2a Braambos (speelzaal)
09.00-09.45 2b Braambos (speelzaal)
10.15-11.00 4 Braambos (large hall)
11.00-11.45 4/5 Braambos (large hall)
11.45-12.30 5 Braambos (large hall)
12.30-13.15 7 Braambos (large hall)
Time PE Friday Gym
08.15-08.45 3a Braambos (speelzaal)
08.45-09.15 3b Braambos (speelzaal)
09.15-09.45 2a Braambos (speelzaal)
09.45-10.15 2b Braambos (speelzaal)
10.15-10.45 1a/1b Braambos (speelzaal)
11.25-12.10 6a Boskern II
12.10-12.55 6b Boskern II
12.55-13.40 7 Boskern II