Our mission and vision

Our mission

We provide a positive, meaningful, and challenging learning environment in which children use imagination and creativity to explore the rapidly changing world enabling them to become responsible learners, communicators, collaborators, and respectful global citizens.

Our vision and key values


We use imagination and creativity to explore our world, accept challenges and take risks. We search for a wide variety of learning opportunities. We choose how we demonstrate our learning in a varied manner, such as group work, art activities, role play, multimedia, projects and much more.


Our communicative skills illustrate our abilities, interests and opinions and are an integral part of our curricula. We discuss our skills, knowledge and understanding. We ask questions and give feedback to inspire, share and support each other.


We come from different countries and celebrate our identities and are one optimistic community. In every class we value each other’s beliefs and cultures, customs, and multilingualism.

We accomplish this by:

  • Offering the International Primary Curriculum (IPC) with a focus on not only academic goals but also personal goals and international mindedness
  • Offering teaching strategies and inquiry based classroom practices that encourage fun in learning and self-determination
  • Providing differentiated education, where the individual needs of each student are considered
  • Promoting the benefits of learning the English language, whilst celebrating the various cultures represented in our school as well as the Dutch language and culture (including taking part in local activities)
  • Offering a positive learning environment within which safety, honesty, structure and creativity play a leading role, whilst encouraging cooperation between children, teachers and parents
  • Celebrating diversity through the respect and appreciation of the various cultures represented in the school
“The Dot” by Peter H. Reynolds, teaches growth mindset. Growth mindset believes that although you might not be able to do something now, you can in the future with hard work, determination and support. “The dot” tells a story about a teacher who believes in a child – and what magic happens when a mentor cheers you on in life. A dot can also be found in our logo resembling our vision on learning.