Student Council

Empowering voices

In line with our commitment to nurturing leadership skills and empowering our young leaders, we proudly introduced the Student Council (SC) during the last academic year. This initiative serves as a platform for our students to discover, develop, and amplify their voices.

Aligned with the principles of the Children’s Right convention, our student leaders totalling 18, from Group 4 to 7, are annually elected by their peers ensuring a democratic representation.

A dedicated team of teachers stands alongside our student leaders, working collaboratively to ensure the smooth functioning and continuous growth of the SC. Together, they provide guidance, mentorship, and support, fostering an environment where leadership skills can flourish.

What keeps SC busy?

As representatives it is their role to bring new ideas and suggestions aimed at improving their learning environment. The SC actively seeks input from the students from group 1-3 as well as from the school wide community promoting inclusivity and collaboration.

One great initiative put forward by the SC involves expanding the availability of library books for Group 7 students, thereby enriching their learning resources. Additionally, they suggest implementing buddy reading sessions between students in Group 1 and those in Group 6 and 7.
To ensure transparency and keep everybody well-informed about ongoing initiatives, the SC provides regular update through our OIS News creating a connection between the student body and the broader community. 

We firmly belief that every child has the right to stand up for themselves and speak up. Giving the students a space where they can actively participate helps them shape their educational experience.