We have a high level of focus on international education, with English as the language of instruction. All Dutch international primary schools are a member of either IB Primary Year Program, (IBPYP) or the International Primary Curriculum (IPC). This gives us the opportunity to really work together in a community of Dutch International Schools.

Optimist International School follows the International Primary Curriculum (IPC). Learning guidance is taken from the British National Curriculum (NC) for language and mathematics.

IPC is an internationally recognised comprehensive theme based and creative curriculum with a clear learning focus on a combination of academic subject, personal and international learning. The great thing about IPC schools is that no matter where they are located in the world, they follow the same fundamental approach to learning, allowing students to seamlessly pick up their studies where they left off when moving countries.

Also unique to IPC are defined International learning goals embedded across subject areas, which help children develop a sense of how they fit in to their communities and the world around them, encouraging and equipping them to engage with global issues. In a world that is increasingly interconnected, IPC makes a point of fostering an international mindset.  We embrace each child’s continuous learning journey; ‘Bringing out your child’s inner magic’.

Along with our class teachers and learning support assistants, we also have specialist teachers for additional support in English, Dutch as an additional language (DAL) and physical education (PE). We offer sport, art, music and dance based extra-curricular activities, and more!