A Day in the Life of Our Young Historians

Milepost 3 embarked on an exciting journey with their current unit, "Being a Historian."

By Kelly Hasker, Teacher Group 7 & Team Leader MP 3

To kick off a brand new IPC unit, Group 6 & 7 participated in four activities to experience the roles of different historians.

Paleontologist Adventure with Ms Sabrina

The children watched a short film about what a paleontologist does and why and then dug through the earth’s crust to find puzzle pieces of different ‘fossils’ buried in the sand.

Historical Linguist Challenge with Ms Valentina

In a linguistic quest, students matched and chronologically ordered names and pictures of various languages. Following this, they got to experience writing in the different languages.

Museum Curator Exploration with Ms Nola

Observing an array of ‘historical items’ ranging from a blacksmith’s anvil, bedwarmer,  floppy disk and CD player (yes, these are historical items now), the students identified and predicted the time period the each item. The revelations sparked some surprising reactions.

Art Historian Discovery with Ms Gina

Engaging with 10 iconic pieces of art, many well-known, the students tried to answer different questions about them such as, when it was painted? Who the artist is? What country they are from?  Unveiling the truth behind each painting, they then discussed favorites and reasons, making it a captivating exploration of art history.

It was a great day of rotations around the stations, the children rejoined their own classes at the end of the day to share with their classmates their favourite activity. As the weeks have evolved MP3 have delved into their own family history, their host and heritages countries’ history and many other geographical, art and international areas of History. All this will be ready to see at the end of term on our Milepost website!!