Group 7's Inaugural School Camp

Think running in the sand dunes, roasting marshmallows, creating team t-shirts, building forts, and completing a high ropes course in the treetops. All of that and more..on their first-ever School Camp! 

By Kelly Hasker, Group 7 Teacher & Milepost Teamleader

An adventure filled with fun activities, teamwork, and unforgettable memories.

On Wednesday, June 19th, parents gathered around the bus with a mix of pride and anticipation as the children of Optimist’s Group 7 loaded their suitcases, ready for the adventure. As the bus pulled out of the school car park, parents and teachers waved us off. The teachers on the bus blocked their ears with their fingers to drown out the sounds of excitement and renditions of “Wheels on the Bus” and “Baby Shark.”

We arrived at our StayOkay in Soest about an hour later. The children were eager to check in, see their rooms, and pull out their secret snack supplies. Unfortunately, our rooms weren’t quite ready, but we had a backup plan! A short walk to the Soesterduinen allowed us to run, climb trees, play cricket, and eat our lunch while we waited.

After returning to the StayOkay, the children faced their first real challenge: making their own beds! Once that was conquered, the fun continued. The children made team t-shirts and flags, gearing up to compete in team tasks. The first task was to build a fort large enough to fit their whole team, followed by constructing the tallest freestanding tower possible.

The first evening ended with noodles for dinner, free time exploring the playground and woodland, and one of the most anticipated moments – creating a campfire. The children roasted marshmallows, sang campfire songs, and played games, bringing a perfect end to an exciting day.

Creating unforgettable memories

Day 2 began with breakfast and the task of making our own lunches. We spent the day at the sand dunes playing Capture the Flag, which became very competitive, with even the teachers getting involved. Upon returning to camp, more team tasks awaited: getting an egg as high as possible without breaking it – the highest unbroken egg wins.

After burgers and fries for dinner, we had a popcorn pyjama quiz night, filled with, you guessed it, popcorn and pop questions, along with a few more challenges for extra points.

On the final day, we packed up and left StayOkay to come home, but not before stopping at Klimpark Gooi-Eemland to take part in rope courses. This activity showcased lots of resilience and bravery from all the children.

As we returned to school, tired but happy, it was clear that the first-ever Optimist International School Camp was a resounding success, filled with fun, teamwork, and unforgettable memories.