Activity to break the ice

In a recent Science Task for our IPC Unit 'Material World', MP2 students completed an exciting journey to discover who could melt ice the fastest and how. 

By Chrysa Kanter, Teaching Assistant MP2

While studying about the state of matter, the young students learned that materials can be solid, gas, and liquid. During our knowledge hunt, we revealed that the state of matter can change from one to another. Take water for instance, it can become ice and vice versa! We knew that melting the ice needs some time to happen, depending on various factors, but which group can make this happen faster and how?

As we can see in the image, our students experimented many different approaches, some of which even brought us ‘closer’ together!

Breaking the ice down to smaller pieces and then using heat (heater, body heat, heat from friction) was particularly successful.

Our students in groups 4 and 5 were eager to engage in ‘scientist mode’ and showed real curiosity about how to accelerate the shift in the state of matter.   

Parents, are you curious? Why not spark a conversation with your budding scientists at home and ask for a quick demonstration?