Bringing out Your Inner Voice

This academic year marked an exciting milestone as we introduced a student school council, allowing our young leaders to discover and amplify their voices.

By Ingeborg Beunder, Group 4a Teacher

Selected by their peers, these courageous council members embarked on this journey without fully knowing what they were signing up for. With adaptability and determination, we took the plunge together, and the result? We didn’t drown; instead, lots of ideas and suggestions emerged, reminding us that time is needed to navigate and prioritise.

What have we accomplished thus far?

  • Our first meeting was in April 2023
  • Meetings are scheduled every first Tuesday of the month
  • School council members share feedback in their classes
  • A list of action points has been created
  • Currently, our dedicated student school council consists of enthusiastic members from groups 4 to 7
  • Changeover will be in November after elections linked to Children’s Rights convention
  • What are the general feelings of our members?
  • Have safe and open discussions about school issues with peers
  • Understand children can be part of change
  • Feel that children have a voice

What triumphs have we celebrated?

  • First official meeting with school management held in June
  • Due to identity development, it has been agreed that from group 7 children can use a backpack of their choice to school
  • Will be part of Thank You ceremonies (and even thought about inviting group 2 and 3!)
  • Are collecting book title suggestions for our school library from their peers
  • And are thinking about ways to support the community

To ensure the smooth functioning and growth of the student school council, a team of four dedicated teachers stands alongside our students and look forward to the continuous growth of the council. We firmly believe that every child possesses the right to stand up for themselves and speak up!