Creative Exploration, artistic journey of Milepost 3

Concluding our Milepost 3 music programme, the unanimous agreement between the teachers and students to sustain The Arts in our curriculum led to the initiation of a creative rotating class programme.

By Sabrina Guzman, Teacher Group 6, OIS

With each rotation lasting four weeks, students will have the opportunity to engage with four distinct classes: coding, visual arts, drama, and music.
  • In the coding class, led by Ms. Nola, students will embark on an exploration of website design using platforms like Scratch. Through hands-on activities and guided instruction, they will develop the skills needed to create their own digital projects and foster technical proficiency and creative expression.
  • Meanwhile, in the visual arts class with Ms. Sabrina, students will delve into the world of artistic expression. They will have the chance to experiment with a variety of mediums and techniques, exploring themes of emotion and imagination.
  • Our drama class, led by Ms. Valentina, students are provided an opportunity to develop confidence and communication skills through the performing arts. Through role-playing, character development, and improvisation, students will learn to express themselves and collaborate with their peers in a supportive and inclusive environment.
  • Last but not least, in the music class with Ms. Gina, students will embark on a journey through the world of sound. Students will explore classical music through active listening techniques, dramatization, and instrumental play taught through the South African program, Zenda Nel.

Student feedback and programme impact

We’re pleased to report that feedback from students has been overwhelmingly positive, with many expressing enthusiasm for the opportunity to explore the arts in greater depth. Their excitement and engagement serves as a testament to the value of incorporating creative pursuits into our educational programming.