Cultural Bridges

Fostering Partnership Through Language and Learning. Since September, we have embarked on a remarkable journey together, strenghtening a powerful alliance between our school and your homes that has enriched the educational experiences of our students.

By Margit Tera, Multilingual Learning Specialist

Language is more than just communication

We want to highlight the strong partnership between our school and your homes, and have seen the benefits of working together since September, especially through the special colourful notebooks that students in groups 2 and 3 have been bringing home weekly.

These home learning tasks, which include key concepts and language from Maths, IPC, Literacy, and Dutch culture, connect what happens in class with your home life, making learning more meaningful. We believe language is more than just communication—it’s about understanding culture and identity. That’s why we include home languages in our curriculum, encouraging students to embrace their heritage and previous life stages.

Parents’ support is vital in helping students grow academically, socially, and emotionally. Let’s keep working together to ensure every child feels supported and empowered to succeed.