Dynamic Dutch Language Learning

The children from groups 5 and 6 challenged themselves by making a origami pumpkin.  This is a challenge already but they did this all in Dutch! 

By Marjolein Schenk, Teacher Dutch as an Additional Language

As part of their Dutch lessons, they got step by step instructions and had to follow these for an origami pumpkinpompoen” to appear. 

Before we started folding, we discussed the most important words that we needed for this activity. We put visuals up with the words written below. By making it visual children can go back to the information if needed. 
We practiced the Dutch words for shapes, colours, face expressions, materials we needed. And sizes such as big, bigger, biggest, small, smaller smallest, first, second, third etc. 

It's not just origami

So before you think it’s “just” origami, think again, this is dynamic language learning! The students were very involved and the amount of concentration was high. It was teamwork and everybody helped each other, so that they were able to finish their own pumpkin. We heard “Yes! Look how beautiful, I did it!”, “see what I made I never thought I could do this, but I did it. And it was all in Dutch”. They were all very proud.


Was it all just fun?

Of course not, as we all faced some challenges. However the skills that the students showed to overcome these challenges were amazing. They were resilient, perfect communicators, collaborators,  adaptable, and yes they made mistakes, but they started over again and stayed calm.

The session also linked in well with the ‘regular Dutch lessons we teach, as they realized that what they learn during these lessons comes in handy any time.

There was learning happening all over the place. Has this made you curious and makes you want to make a pumpkin yourself? I assure you that you will face your own challenges as well but you surely will pick up some Dutch along the way…!