Exploring Ancient Egypt in real life

As part of their IPC unit Temples, tombs and treasures, where they explored, researched and learned all they could from Ancient Egypt and Ancient sumerian times, we thought a trip to the Rijksmuseum van Oudheden would be a great adventure to highlight the learning journey that the students embarked upon.

By Andrea Hoffman, Group 5b Teacher

We had lovely weather for our trip and the bus ride was filled with songs and excitement. After a short walk through the streets of Leiden we reached our destination. As soon as we walked into the museum, the children were immersed in the enchanting world on ancient civilizations. In small groups the students had a guided tour through Ancient Egypt. We delved into the rich culture and mysteries of ancient times.


The Ancient Egyptian part of the museum is renowned for its extensive collection of artifacts and captivating exhibits. It provided an ideal setting for our students to deepen their understanding of the curriculum and witness history come alive before their eyes. From the awe-inspiring temple to the intricate hieroglyphics adorning ancient tombs, each artifact revealed a story waiting to be uncovered.

Not only did our students have the chance to marvel at iconic treasures, but they also engaged in interactive learning experiences. Differentiated activities allowed them to explore the art of deciphering hieroglyphics, drawing sculptures and even trying their hand at building pyramids.

After our school trip, we all wrote some diary entries. Here are some of the children’s words: “Surprisingly we saw animal mummies.” Alex, group 4

  • “We saw the book of death and real mummies.” Aryan, group 4
  • “The Rijksmuseum in Leiden is so beautiful.” Nikita, group 4
  • “My favourite part was when we entered the temple of Isis.” Kanishka, group 5
  • “What I liked the most was when we had to look at a frozen statue and then draw it.” Anaira, group 5B
  • “In my opinion it was very fun and cool. My favourite part was seeing real mummies, it was not really scary.” Harith, group 5