Exploring insects in Early Years

In our 'Brilliant Bug Ball' unit, Early Years students have been fascinated by the world of insects. Through engaging and creative activities, they've learned about the important roles these tiny creatures play in our ecosystem.

By Jessica De Porto, Early Years Teacher and Milepost Team Leader

The children have enjoyed lots of investigative work, reading books and looking at model insects using magnifying glasses. As part of our Entry Point to the unit of learning, the students received 100 ladybird larvae in the post! They carefully looked at the larvae and learned more about the life cycle of these fascinating insects, what they eat and why gardeners like them.

The ladybird larvae were released into the wild and hung in special sacks on local trees ready to continue their development as ladybirds.

Learning new skills each week

Our Atelier space is always a thriving and busy area of learning. Led by Ms. Huong, the children learn new skills each week and are becoming very independent. They link their skills to theme of learning and children are encouraged to help each other, rehearse and practise their skills and to be as independent as possible. The children have made spider webs, used paper curling techniques to make snails, created bees using handprints and have made a host of caterpillar and butterfly models.

Transformation of the caterpillar

The insect theme continues next term as we become the proud caretakers of 40 caterpillars. The children will nurture their pets and watch the process of transformation from caterpillar to butterfly.

Watch this space!