Forest Fun Adventures for our Youngest Explorers!

To celebrate the end of term our youngest learners enjoyed their time together by visiting Haarlemmermeerse bos.

By Jessica de Porto, Teacher and Team Leader Early Years

Early Years have had a busy year of learning and exploring. The children have travelled to Space, investigated dinosaurs, imagined what life would be like as superheros and most recently, discovered what lies beneath the oceans.

At the end of a busy academic year, our youngest learners celebrated their time together by visiting the local forest. It was a wonderful opportunity for children to enjoy each other’s company as some of our older students’ transition to Group 2 next academic year. 

During the trip, the children, accompanied by parent volunteers and staff, enjoyed role play as pirates on a wooden pirate boat, used their muscles to pull themselves up giant nets and climbed tall look out towers.

Highlights of the trip included some eagled eyed children admiring horses being exercised in the arena and finding the most perfect tree to climb! We enjoyed eating outside and were lucky enough with the weather. All in all, a perfect trip.

Students finished the day by having a small circle time with the classes together to say goodbye to friends that were leaving and to play parachute games.

Playing outside is so important

Playing outside and learning how to manage physical risk is an important part of early childhood experiences. For some of the children, climbing and playing outside with friends made them feel safer and stronger and they were able to try new things that they otherwise wouldn’t have been brave enough to.

In the Netherlands, we are lucky enough to have an excellent range of outside, wooden playground structures that provide an element of risk suitable for all ranges of children. We encourage the children to get out in the summer holidays and continue to enjoy these places. The best thing of all is that not only are they outside in the fresh air, but they are all free.

Top tips close to school: 

  • Haarlemmermersebos – wide selection of playgrounds in the forest and day camping
  • Toolenburgerplas – swimming lake with amenities and many small playgrounds
  • Kleiland ( Park 21 ) – playground near a bee palace, with a small aeroplance to climb
  • Jeugdland – Local youth centre with karts, water areas for pond dipping and hut building