Friendship newspaper

Charlie, Zoe, Lilly and Riddhima, from group 7 recently took part in an interview for the Liefdeskrant. A dedicated newspaper about friendships, being in love, being yourself, fitting in, setting boundaries and respecting boundaries. This was a special edition from the GGD Kennermerland and GGD Gooi and Vechtstreek.

During the interview the girls talked with the paper about being international, the importance of friendships and how to stay connected with your friends abroad. Here is a quick summary.

What is most important about friendships?  
“That you can trust each other and can help each other”, says Zoe. “It is ok to have an argument with your friend, but when it happens often, it is better to talk about it. This will make the friendship stronger”, suggested Charlie.

Can your BFF play with other friends?
“Yes!! you cant expect that you BFF only hangs out with you”, says Riddhima. Charlie had a great analysis, she compares BFFs with a boomerang. Ïf somebody is a true friend, they will always come back to you, just like a boomerang”! Being far away from your friends can also make it hard to stay connected, but the girls all agreed that social media has made this a lot easier. “I use snapchat to talk to my friends in Mexico”, said Lilly.

I give a compliment to…
At the end of the interview the girls were asked who they would like to give a compliment to – a nice way to reflect and praise someone.
Lilly and Zoe compliment their friends for being so helpful, and Riddhima and Charlie give a big shout out to their family for all the support and cuddles! To read the full story, please click here (Dutch only):