Getting our hands dirty: exploring green fingers

Group 2's current IPC Unit "Green Fingers," has turned into an exciting journey of discovery and hands-on learning for our students. From planting seeds to observing plant growth, our students are diving deep into the world of plants.

By Julia Fröhlich and Sherie Seow, Teachers Group 2

We have kicked off our new unit called “Green Fingers.” The students have been getting their hands dirty planting their own grass heads. We went on a plant scavenger hunt, and the students were brainstorming all sorts of things they already know about plants, as well as what they still want to learn.

Transforming into plant detectives

One of the highlights of our journey so far has been our experiments. We set up a fascinating trial with cress, observing its growth with and without sunlight and water. The excitement was great as students watched their tiny seeds sprout under various conditions and captured their growth in their observation log. We also tapped into our senses, exploring three different edible plants.

It was discovered that many students favored the basil plant, which is now ‘leafless’ due to its popularity among the students!! Our students aren’t merely observing plants; they’re transforming into plant detectives! They’re conducting experiments to see if plants really drink water, predicting how beans behave in various environments, and engaging their taste buds to explore different varieties of apples.

As our Green Fingers journey continues, there’s still plenty more to uncover. We will soon learn about the importance of bees in the plant world.

"Green Fingers" isn't just about growing plants; it's about nurturing curious minds and fostering a love for learning and exploring.