Hopping over the finish line

On Thursday 16th March, 37 of our OIS students took part in the W4Kangoeroe Competition. This competition is a calculation and math competition that takes place annually - in the Netherlands, approximately 140,000 students participate from 2,350 schools. 

By Angelique Podstavnychy, Maths Specialist and Group 7 Teacher

Exceeded expectations

Questions bring surprising challenges which require a spark of creativity and a flash of insight; perfect for our students who are always bringing out their inner magic!

Results have been made available to the school and our OIS students have exceeded our expectations. Six students ranging from Group 4 to Group 7 achieved in the 80th percentile. Jass Sama, Group 7B, impressively scored in the 90th percentile – Well done! We are very proud of our OIS students and look forward to taking part in this exciting competition again next year! 

Class Names
3A Dhriti Sharma & Maurya Alavala
3B Diaan Lakhani, Suzell Rodrigues, Artur Arkhipov & Siddharth Vijjapu
4A Likith Kiran, Shamere Qaiser, Aryan Singh & Lilia Yurchenko
4B Pragati Sivakumar, Manan Jha, Minoru Yamaki, Adidev Aneesh & Adam Nafei
5A Snithik Aluguri
5B Anay Patil, Yosef Al-zayyat, Lynn Maria Ashwin & Anaira Sonare
6A Aarna Wagh, Riccardo Anthyn Rijesh Antony & Yutaka Yamaki
6B Daniela Verega, Aarav Kapoor & Ishaan Rallapalli
7A Jiten Aradhya, Ilya Dekker, Arush Tripathy, Ashwath Ramadoss & Felipe Schappo
7B Jass Sama, Akshit Singh, Akshara Gajula, Tarun Saravanan, Samrah Maindargi & Averhea Ann