Interview with a Multilingual Optimist

We are excited to launch a new series of interviews with our multilingual students at OIS. Through these informal conversations we aim to showcase how their diverse linguistic abilities shape their identities and highlight the different cultures and languages present in our community.

By Linda, Group 4b & Ms Margit, Multilingual Learning Specialist

Linda is a group 4 student at Optimist International School.  Linda has been learning about nature during their IPC unit “Nature of Life”.  One of the home learning tasks was to notice and record the signs of spring.

How did you show your findings?

I was at Unikidz and then I decided to make a poster with pictures. I labelled it with words in German, English and Croatian. I speak four languagesI’m proud of the picturesdrawing the pictures was the most challenging part of creating the poster.  

How did you know how to write the words in all three languages?

I used Google Translate. German is easier to write because I already know many words but I’m still learning Croatian. My mum and  grandpa speak Croatian but I don’t practise that language every dayI have also written a poem in German! 

Why is it good to know and use more languages?

I can talk with my family in different languages, and using lots of languages helps keep our brains active and healthy!