Learning Outside the Classroom

Students from group 2 and 3 had the opportunity to collect their IPC learning with real examples in Hoofddorp Centrum.

By Clare O'Mullane, Group 2 Teacher

The Milepost 1 team  (groups 2 & 3) provided an opportunity to involve families to support their children and siblings in MP1 to connect learning within our IPC unit to our local community. An optional task was shared that prompted a practical connection to the ‘Buildings’ IPC unit which focuses on structures, materials and design.

The task included a ‘tour’ of Hoofddorp visiting sites. These sights included art instillations and sculptures that were made of a variety of materials and were supported in different ways. Key features of the tour were a demolition site where children could become ‘detectives’ spying through the fence to identify the range of materials that were once used to create and support the building.

Another important feature of the tour was a building site where viewers could observe and contemplate how and why different structures and materials were being used to build a new apartment block. During the walk, children were encouraged to consider the following:

  • What do you like about the structures, what would you change, why?
  • Can you identify the materials used?
  • Why/how were they used?
  • What was interesting at the building site?

They were also encouraged to look at the different buildings that they passed and to notice the shape, style, support structure, materials used etc.

If you are interested in completing the walk with your own family, you can use the following map as a guide.