Meet our class parents

Class parents are an integral part of our school. They serve as a liaison between classroom teachers and parents, and enrich our school community.

By Manon Blaxland & Jules Joly

Meet our fabulous class parents for this school year (see photo above).

At OIS each class has one (or two) class parent(s). In general, class parents are parents who volunteer to assist their child’s class teacher with both class and schoolwide activities. Along with the Welcome Team, they are also a welcoming informal network of support to new parents and a source of assistance to the class teacher, on all sorts of non-educational matters.

Since this year, the class parents now also form the Parent Activity Committee, who play an integral role in supporting OIS with schoolwide activities and (social) events. Class parents might ask parents for support with volunteering activities when decorating the school or for (social) events that the parent activity committee is involved in or is organising. So stay tuned for more on this…

In addition to our class parents, we also have a number of volunteers who assist with many other activities in our school either regularly or occassionally. This may be in the library, on swim trips, as part of the Welcome Team, etc. For a full list of of volunteeting opportunities at OIS click the button below.

If you are interested in also being involved in our school community and activities or even being a Class Parent yourself next year, do reach out to your current class parent or Jules at

Grab a coffee or tea!

Last but not least, we always welcome parents to grab a coffee after school drop off in our kitchen area. So if you want to catch up with a few parents, please do make use of our kitchen area between 8.15 – 8.45am. Plenty of coffee and tea for all!