New Milepost Team Leader – Shannon Pendergast

We are pleased to announce that Shannon has accepted the position of Milepost Team Leader in MP1, following recent internal interviews.

Within schools, leadership is most effective when it’s distributed among a team of individuals with different skillsets and experiences, but a shared mission to spark and sustain a school-wide culture of learning and improved outcomes for students. Distributed leadership is not about dividing tasks and responsibilities among individuals. Instead, distributed leadership is concerned with the interactions among individuals through collaboration and communication.

At OIS we see the MPTL as valuable in adding communication, collaboration, connecting the team to each other, to other MP’s and to Leadership. Our current MPTL’s are;

  • Jessica DePorto – Early Years
  • Shannon Pendergast – Milepost 1
  • Rolyn Bergen – Milepost 2
  • Kelly Hasker – Milepost 3


We want to extend our appreciation to Roland Schmidt, who has effectively led the MP1 team for the past 18 months. Roland has set a fantastic example for Shannon, and we are confident he will continue to provide support during the transitional period.

We wish Shannon every success in her new position.