Officially a Language Friendly School

We are very proud to be able to call ourselves a certified Language Friendly School!

A Language Friendly School (LFS) is a school where all languages spoken by pupils are welcomed and valued. By allowing students’ home languages in school, multilingual students get the chance to strengthen their cognitive and social skills.

As an international school we have more than 40 nationalities in our school and all languages spoken by our students are welcome and valued. For children who are non-native English speakers, we provide English as an Additional Language, or EAL support.  In our classes we allow students to use the languages they feel most comfortable with in order to show their understanding and develop their skills, while we try to methodically use their languages to support the development in English, as well.

For this purpose, children can read, write and do research in their mother language, while EAL teachers assist them to create links between their languages for deeper and effective acquisition, and help children communicate and access the learning while taking part in the same lessons as their classmates.

This ensures each child is equally challenged through the curriculum content despite the language barrier. The results in children’s academic and personal development are outstanding as they can be themselves, they build self-esteem and confidence, and at the same time they navigate through their cultures and identities, while being respectful and tolerant of others.

Read more about our story of becoming a LFS in the overview.

You can also find more about Language Friendly Schools on the official website.