OIS students leap into the world of maths

Diving headfirst into a realm of numbers and creative problem-solving, thirty-eight OIS students recently showcased their mathematical prowess in the prestigious W4Kangoeroe Competition.

By Angelique Podstavnychy, Maths Specialist at OIS

On Thursday 21st  March, 38 of our OIS students took part in the W4Kangoeroe Competition. This competition is a calculation and math competition that takes place annually – in the Netherlands, approximately 140,000 students participate from 2,350 schools. Questions bring surprising challenges which require a spark of creativity and a flash of insight; perfect for our students who are always bringing out their inner magic!

  • “I enjoyed the questions; it was fun to solve tricky maths!” – Dhwani Chavan, Group 4B
  • “Questions 1 to 18 on WizKID were easy to complete, I liked the questions from 20 because they were harder!” – Adam Nafei, Group 5B
  • “This paper was harder than last year’s, but I still enjoyed finishing it.” – Lynn Maria Ashwin, Group 6B
  • “I found the paper fun; it made me think deeper.” – Advita Tilak, Group 7A

With results awaited at the end of May, the anticipation is high. Yet, regardless of the outcome, our OIS students have already proven themselves by embracing the challenges of the W4Kangoeroe with enthusiasm and determination. We look forward to celebrating their achievements and the innovative thinking they bring to every challenge.