Pancake fractions

Recently, groups 3a and 3b had a ‘delicious’ math lesson, pancake fractions!

By Roland Schmidt, Teaching Assistant Milepost 1

Fractions are more fun with food! Pancakes make perfect pieces to share and learn!

Last month, fractions have been the focus of our math lessons in groups 3a and 3b. Thinking back to my own experience learning fractions in primary school, I found them difficult, but also fun because we practiced them using food items, like pizza. They weren’t real pizzas, but paper cutouts. Nevertheless, it was still great to choose the toppings and use fractions to divide them amongst your friends.

So, what better way to solidify group 3’s understanding of fractions, then by using one of the favorite dishes of the Netherlands, pancakes!  One of our Group 3 Superstar teachers created a lesson where children were able to cut their pancakes into fractions of 1/4, 1/3, and 1/2. And to top it off, kids got to eat their ‘pancake fractions’ and tell us how much was left over!

So, if any parents with children in group 3 are eating pancakes, pizza, or any other circular food, let your child have a go at showing you what they know!