Safety First

Over the past month our Group 7 classes attended a Safety and First Aid course.    

In the first session, the children learnt acronyms to help them remember what to do, and check for, in an emergency. They then practised putting each other in the recovery position. They then learnt how to treat burns, bleeding and choking and took part in some practical activities; practising the Heimlich maneuver for example. In the last session, the children recapped all their knowledge and learnt two types of bandaging; for cuts and for sprains. They also got to practice CPR and chest compressions on dummies bought in.

This is what the children thought of the sessions;

  • “It was fun and we learnt a lot. It was educational” – Sanjeevan
  • “It was very good and helpful and when you didn’t understand, she (Linda) she explained it well” – Adrian
  • “It was a great experience!” – Saanvi
  • “It could really save your life” – Adarsh
  • “Ms Linda was really helpful and taught us really well” – Efe

Well done, Group 7 for attending such an important course with great enthusiasm!