School parking: A collective effort in ensuring safety

The parking at and around our school remains and issue. We continue to see unsafe situations. What can we do collectively to ensure safety for our school and neighbour community?

By Manon Blaxland, PR and Communications

What can we do together?

We acknowledge the challenges of parking, yet we continue to observe situations that  put children at risk..

We can all contribute to safety by refraining from parking in designated No Parking areas (NP) or at the parking exit. Additionally, please avoid using DISABLED spaces unless you possess a valid permit.

The north side of the school has become a popular parking spot, obstructing the pedestrian crossing and cycle path. Kindly refrain from parking in this area, as indicated by recently added non-parking crosses, clearly indicates where parking is forbidden.

We also advocate for carpooling and cycling to alleviate parking congestion.

Recent complaints about improper parking around our school and neighboring areas prompted police surveillance. Furthermore, we’ve observed instances of speeding within the parking lot, endangering pedestrians, particularly children. Let’s prioritize caution and safety throughout the entire environment.

What actions have we taken already?

The area around the school and the parking areas are a public area, and the council is responsible for this. However, as a school, we have written a number of letters to the council to discuss this issue over the past three years. The Participation Council (PC) has also since been involved and have approached the council to discuss this issue further. The municipality started a project involving all schools at the Deltaweg and Waddenweg to see what measures can be taken by the municipality, and also what behaviour changes can be effectuated. The first step was sending out a survey all schools participated in. Next steps will be discussed further within the project group.  

We continue to put in our efforts, but if you have any further suggestions, please contact the school or the PC.