Sharing heritage through OIS's Language Parade

Building on the success of last year's event, we once again hosted a language parade to highlight and recognize the diversity of languages spoken within our OIS community.


By Manon Blaxland, PR & Communications

By celebrating the heritage of our students and staff, we create a more inclusive and welcoming learning environment for everyone.

The Language Parade

At 1:45 PM, the children gathered outside in the school playground, assembling into their respective language groups. This year, we featured over 21 language groups, including Bengali, Spanish, Dutch, Hindi, Polish, Romanian, French, English, Telugu, Arabic, Chinese, Malayalam, Tamil, Hebrew, Ukrainian, Turkish, Afrikaans, German, Urdu, Italian, and American Sign Language.

The children, along with volunteering parents and teachers, paraded through the school to their designated areas, where they participated in various activities. These included dances, songs, crafts, cultural debates, stories, and word games. Some parents also took the initiative to collaborate and offer activities rich in cultural and linguistic diversity, such as an interactive puppet show about animals.

Language Learning

Language learning is extremely important to us and one of the reasons we are proud to be a certified Language Friendly School. Being a language-friendly school means we acknowledge and support the linguistic diversity of our community, fostering a sense of belonging and respect for all languages and cultures. 

A big shout out to our parents for their time and effort in making this year’s OIS Language Parade such a success.  Also, a big thank you to our amazing multilingual learning team and staff for organizing yet another fantastic cultural event.

We love seeing the whole OIS community come together to celebrate the importance of our home languages.