Sinterklaas has arrived..

Sinterklaas is a Dutch children’s celebration that happens every year on 5 December. As this festivity is part of the Dutch culture, we will teach our optimistic young learners the highlights of this festival during the school day and our Dutch lessons. 

By Ingeborg Beunder, Group 4 Teacher

Who is Sinterklaas

For those of you new to this celebration, last weekend, Sinterklaas, his horse Ozosnel and his Pete’s arrived with their steamboat from Spain. This is when the Sinterklaas season officially started and will continue till they leave again on 6 December. During this time, they have the busy task of visiting people’s homes and places across the Netherlands. At home, children might put their shoe out one night, sing a song and include a letter and or drawing. In the morning a small gift/token is left in their shoe. 

What do we do at OIS

Sint and Pete will not visit our school during the day, but instead will sneak into school one night towards the end of November. Since they are very busy we don’t know the exact date, however we would like to give you a heads up, but please do keep this a secret. So one morning when you come to school and you do not see any lights on in our building, don’t be alarmed, just remember that this might just have been Sint and Pete…. shh…..

Want to know more?

Besides your child(ren) sharing their stories, if you like to know more about this celebration, just use the links below or ask your class parent.

Happy Sinterklaas Celebration!