Spotlight on our Floreer Board

OIS is a Dutch International School (DIS), a state funded (public) school which means that, like all other DIS schools, we are linked to a local (Dutch) primary school board. In the case of OIS this is Floreer, which offers education to 16 schools and childcare in Haarlemmermeer.

By Manon Blaxland, PR & Communications

Today we want to shine the spotlight on Judy Menger and Sjoerd Arlman, our dedicated board members who actively engage with our school community to foster continuous improvement.

Active collaboration

Judy and Sjoerd are our two board members, who oversee the education and well-being of students in all schools under the Floreer umbrella. Their responsibility extends beyond governing the board and making key decisions about policy, curriculum, and resource allocation; they actively collaborate with school directors, seeking their insights and staying informed of what is happening at all locations. Therefore, they visit all locations regularly.

Recent engagement

We had the pleasure to welcome Sjoerd into one of our classrooms in December. By immersing himself in our learning environment and specifically multilingual learning aspects, he gained a firsthand understanding of our teaching methods and had the chance to interact with our students. This experience allowed him to witness the unique aspects of our learning journey and the incredible work done by our dedicated teachers.

Similarly, Judy met up with Ms Kelly in January as she wanted to delve deeper into the Jigsaw programme, our personal, social health and well-being initiative. Judy’s enthusiasm in understanding our programmes underscores the board’s commitment to learn together for the future – Floreer’s vision!

Having both Judy and Sjoerd visible and available to our director, teachers and staff is invaluable. We are grateful for their invaluable contributions and look forward to their continued support as we work together to provide an exceptional learning experience at OIS.