Spring Is In The Air

Embracing Cultural Traditions in the classroom.

By Ingeborg Beunder, Group 4 teacher

On Friday morning of March 1st, our classroom in Group 4A was graced with an unexpected burst of springtime joy, thanks to Delia. With a sparkle in her eyes and a big smile, Delia shared with us a cherished tradition from her homeland of Romania. She explained that in Romania, March 1st is celebrated with the exchange of “martisoare,” symbolic tokens of spring and new beginnings.

To our delight, Delia brought this tradition to our classroom, spreading warmth and happiness as she shared her martisor with each of us. Intrigued to learn more about this beautiful tradition? Just click here!

Our classroom and school is full of diversity and different backgrounds and moments like this remind us how amazing it is to learn from each other, and a great example of cultural exhange firsthand!

Nature of Life

The experience of receiving Delia’s spring token not only brought a touch of Romanian culture into our classroom but also fitted so well with our ‘Signs of Spring’ presentations for our new IPC Unit ‘Nature of Life’.
We asked all the children to present ‘Signs of Spring’ either through a presentation, poem or video, whatever they felt comfortable with. And our classroom has been buzzing with excitement as we dive into this new unit. From budding flowers to chirping birds, we’re eagerly observing and learning about all the signs of spring emerging all around us. We love learning!