Student Initiative: 'Art of your choice' time

Every Friday, group 6A enjoys an ‘Art of your choice’ time, when children are free to experiment with any type of arts and crafts, from origami to painting with acrylics. A special opportunity for children to delve into the realms of their imagination through various art forms.

By Valentina Spyropoulou - Group 6a Teacher and Multilingual Learning Specialist

Forming their own Art Clubs

Within the framework some children took the initiative to create their own Art Clubs, each focusing on different art skills: ‘The Shadow Academy’ and ‘The Art Club’: Participants of the shading club explored and developed their skills in shading using different types of pencils and charcoal, whereas in the Art Club the students were taking turns every week and taught each other about different techniques, from water colours, to pastels.

The two clubs have already hosted two competitions in class too, for which the founding members have also spend a lot of time and effort to create prizes.

Miss Valentina, the teacher of 6A expressed her pride in the student’s self-driven initiatives and said: ‘I was so pleasantly surprised to see that our students took these initiatives themselves; I am very proud of them and I hope they keep exploring their skills and talents in such a creative and collaborative way!’