The importance of embracing diversity

On Thursday April 22, OIS participated in the ‘Nexus Children’s Global Summit' where they discussed the importance of embracing diversity. This is the second world summit organized by Nexus International School in Malaysia, with the aim ‘To offer solutions and support for children by children.’

Mahathi, from group 7, wrote a beautiful speech which she shared with children ages 8-10 from all over the world.

To me diversity means something different or unique and which makes the world interesting and beautiful.

We all may be different in many ways like religion, language skills, appearance traditions, clothes and culture. But you can also learn new skills and make better decisions by embracing others for who they are.

If you feel that you are different then be happy for who you are, each of us are special in different ways. Be proactive in listening, accepting and welcoming people and ideas that are different from our own.

Everyone we meet can teach us something new. Our world is made of different pieces of puzzles. If all the pieces are the same then we would not be able to finish the puzzle. And like that each human being is a piece of the puzzle, so we are different.

We all might have similarities and differences but we are all humans. So we should treat others with respect and kindness.

Here is a small poem that I have read which would help you understand it better:

”I was raised not to look at people racially.
What I was taught what that there were flowers in the great spirit’s garden.
We share a common root, and the root is mother earth.
The garden is beautiful because it has different colours in it,
and those colours represent different traditions and cultural backgrounds”