The importance of music in school

Music play such an important role in the overall development of children within the school environment.  It not only offers a multitude of cognitive, emotional, and social benefits, but one of the key aspects of music education is its impact on cognitive development.

By Manon Blaxland, PR & Communication

Music in the classroom

Learning to read and play music involves complex processes in the brain, enhancing skills such as problem-solving, critical thinking, and mathematical reasoning.

At OIS, music isn’t confined to a classroom activity; it’s incorporated into our International Primary Curriculum. Within various IPC units, music becomes a platform for students to explore and express. Tasks and goals like ‘commenting on their own musical experiences’ or ‘critiquing the effect of performances’ encourage students to dive deeper into their musical journey. Additionally, there’s a strong link between language, poetry, and music, empowering students to integrate their music goals into poetry and creating a unique way of expressing themselves.

Free as a songbird

In our ongoing commitment to musical education, OIS has introduced ‘Free as a Songbird’ music and singing lessons. These dedicated sessions not only teach music, but also facilitate Dutch language learning. Guided by collaboration between music teachers, therapists, and language professionals, students are immersed in a creative atmosphere where vocabulary, pronunciation, and sound formation harmonize seamlessly with the melodies.


We also have a number of innovative workshops throughout the year, as part of our Art and Culture collaboration with Pier K.

In September we had the ‘Vuilnismannen’ come to our school and children explored the magic of music using recyclable items. Pans, lids, and various discarded items transformed into instruments, allowing our students to not only appreciate music but actively participate in its creation. These workshops exemplify OIS’s commitment to fostering creativity and inclusivity through music.

Integrating music into the school curriculum is very important and reason OIS includes it’s in a number of ways and laying down a foundation for a lifetime of appreciation for arts and music.