UniKidz presents: Adventure in Woodworking!

UniKidz, our afterschool care provider at OIS, have wrapped up the final activity block of 2023. Woodworking was an absolute hit, explains Tamara Eversdijk, Location Manager at UniKidz Floriande.

By Tamara Eversdijk, Location Manager UniKidz

Woodworking wasn’t just a creative outlet, but also a boost for the children’s fine motor skills. The excitement kicked off with a mix of anticipation and a hint of nervousness, as most children had never worked with a real saw before. It’s heartwarming to see that they not only mastered the art of sawing, but also discovered the extent of their own creativity. The diversity of creations, ranging from Christmas ornaments to characters like Sinterklaas, Stitch, and even a Halloween moon with a bat, speaks volumes about the rich imagination of the children. The enthusiasm is so contagious that tools have been acquired at home to continue woodworking beyond the classroom.

The process of gradual learning, from the initial explanation to the actual sawing, not only showcases growth in skills, but also in the children’s confidence.

Dutch lessons during afterschool care

As we look forward to the new year, an exciting programme awaits, including offering Dutch lessons twice a week. We anticipate that the upcoming year will be just as inspiring and creative as the one we’ve bid farewell to.

Cheers to more learning, growth, and creativity in the new year!