Who has stolen the frogs?

On the night before 7th November, a horrible crime was committed in the 7A classroom! Four froggies - the class 7A mascots - were kidnapped. Meanwhile, in group 6, all the Chromebooks mysteriously vanished overnight. We have no idea what happened!

By Gina van Vliet, Teacher Group 7B

How do we solve this crime?

In our new IPC unit “Investigators,” the Group 6 and 7 children are trying to solve these heinous crimes. First, however, the children will have to undergo a Junior Investigator Training course consisting of 8 science tasks. Let’s hope they will soon solve this crime…

“What’s going on here?!” children of group 7 shrieked as they entered the classroom and saw the yellow and black striped tape stopping them in their tracks. The tape bracketed off the area in between the 7A and B classrooms. It was the spot where the beloved four 7A classroom mascots had last been seen. King Foggy and his three family members – three made of cloth and one from Lego – had last been spotted on Friday 4th of November, propped up in their usual Pringles tube homes.

“Who would do this?” the children said as they stared at the floor where traces of green fur were spread around as if these was suddenly a patch of furry grass growing on their cold, hard classroom floor.

Ms. Kelly and Ms. Gina were equally surprised – or were they? On the walls hung “Wanted” posters with their names on it, along with Ms. Nola, Ms. Angelique and Mr. Henry. These teachers are clearly suspects of the police. “Oh, come on, I have better things to do in my weekend than coming in here and stealing some frogs,” Ms. Kelly scoffed. Ms. Gina remained eerily quiet. Or was she just too much in shock to speak?

Soon, accusations started to fly. “It’s either Ms. Gina or Ms. Nola!” Angus, 10, from Group 7B called out. The teachers quickly explained that suspects are innocent until proving guilty. SO how do we solve this crime?

Training to become Junior Investigators

Ms. Colleen entered the classroom and explained that she had spoken to the police. The Chief of Police has decided that each MP3 student (including the Group 6 students who are trying to solve the case of the stolen Chromebooks) have to undergo a series of science tasks to train to be Junior Investigators. Only then will they be able to solve the crimes.

As for 7B student Ksneniia, 10, she believes it looks like “someone tore the frogs. I don’t even know how terribly they’ve been treated!” she commented. She secretly suspects Ms. Kelly had something to do with it… Fortunately, Kseniia and her fellow Group 7 students do have high hopes that the frogs can be found in one piece again.

To be continued…