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In this section parents can find answers to FAQ's

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School opens on the 8th of January!


What does a typical day at the Optimist look like?


School starts at 8.15. The children have time to enter the classroom, get settled in and read until about  8.30. Then classes begin.

What can you give your child for lunch?


As we are a public Dutch school we favor the typical down-to-earth Dutch spirit where families organize snacks (for 10 O’Clock - they have 15min for snacks and 15 min recess) and lunch (they have 30 min at 12.00pm) for their children themselves. As we do not have a microwave available for the children we suggest sandwiches, raw veggies and fruit or other suitable meals for their lunchboxes.


Is there transportation to and from the school?


As we do not have enough demand yet, considering that 95% of our student population lives in Hoofddorp, we do not yet offer transportation. As there might be a growing demand for it, we might consider it in the future. However, the school is accessible by car or bus for drop-off time which is at 8.15 AM. Some parents organize carpooling among themselves which we find to be a sustainable and admirable initiative.


Do the children need any extra material for specific subjects?


The children in groups 1&2 do PE in their underwear and only need a pair of gym shoes. The children group 3 and up, must bring their own clothes on that day.

If you are afraid your child might need an extra change of clothes for whichever reason, you may always pack extra pants and/or shirt  and we will insure that your child gets all the help he needs.


When does school stop?


School is done at 13.45, which is the time when you can come pick them up. They will have eaten and are now ready to go home!

Additional Information:


Will children who do not speak English or Dutch get LDS (Language Development Support)?


The answer to this is a firm yes. We believe children have an incredibly vast adaptation capacity concerning new environments and/or languages. On top of this, we believe that with a small push they can achieve their goals even more swiftly. This is why we are setting up weekly language support workshops for English as an additional language and Dutch as an additional language (for those who already master english properly).