Buddy Reading: Sharing Stories and Growing Together

Thanks to the proactive efforts of our Student Council, aimed at fostering a school environment where every child's voice is heard, we're delighted to share the success of our second buddy reading session held on January 31.

By Ingeborg Beunder, Teacher Group 4

Hear what our students said about their buddy reading session

This initiative saw students from Group 6 joining Group 4 to share the joy of reading together. Here are some heartwarming reactions from our learners:

  • “It’s fun. We get to know people more and help each other read.”
  • “I feel very comfortable doing this.”
  • “It’s interesting and fun! And so challenging as well.”
  • “I like how Group 6 students challenge me to read even more than I thought I could.”
  • “Group 6 students are my type to read with!”
  • “I’m so excited to read with a new friend!”
  • “I love the opportunity to read with someone I actually do not know.”
  • “It reminds me of how we read when we were in Group 4.”
  • “It’s lovely to get to know other children and how they read.”
  • “When we found out that it was buddy reading again, we both shouted because we were so excited and enthusiastic. Something different and new. We love it!”
  • “Both groups are reading a book together. A Group 4 and a Group 6 child liking the same story. I feel happy.”
  • “I didn’t know that a child in Group 4 could use such good voices for a character. She is really acting out the story. I didn’t know a child in Group 4 could read like this.”
  • “I recognize the book titles from before. It reminds me of some years back.”
  • “I normally do not like to read, but reading with Group 4 is nice, especially reading Pokemon. Pokemon is good, always.”


If you’re a parent with a child in Group 4 or Group 6, why not ask them how they felt about this buddy reading experience? We eagerly anticipate our next session and perhaps next time, Group 4 will have the chance to visit Group 6.

Remember, buddy reading will be a monthly event from now on! How cool is that? Let’s keep building connections through the magic of books.

You can find out more about our Student Council here.